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If you’re a new grad or thinking about switching careers and hope to work in California, you may not be able to land an entry-level position at Facebook or Google, but you can increase the odds of landing a job that will help you launch a successful career by moving to the right city. In fact, some of the top cities in the entire country for jobs can be found in the Golden State.


Young people who are just starting out may want to consider looking at one of the houses for sale in Fresno, CA, which tend to be less expensive than other cities in the state at a median value of under $300K. Compare that to pricey cities like San Jose with price tags that are typically over $1 million and you’ll quickly understand why.

While Fresno is obviously not in the heart of the high-tech world, Amazon recently opened a new order-filling warehouse here and typically has a long list of open positions available, including jobs like picking, packing, and shipping as well as in human resources and information technology.


While houses in San Jose don’t come cheap, the city was recently ranked No. 1 for jobs out of 50 major cities in the U.S. by If a home here isn’t in the budget, it still might be worth considering a longer commute from a less expensive place to get your career started here. The highest paying jobs in the area include computer and information system managers, nurse anesthetists, marketing managers, compensation and benefits managers, and financial managers.


San Francisco is the No. 2 city in the nation for jobs and home to some of the state’s best workplaces. Google has an office here and if you can manage to land a job at this tech giant, you’ll not only get outstanding healthcare coverage, a rarity these days, but enjoy a phenomenal company culture with many perks that are often unheard of. It provides unlimited snacks and three prepared organic meals a day, onsite oil changes and haircuts among an endless list of others. Biotech firm Genentech is also located in the City by the Bay as another one of California’s top places to work with employees enjoying a wide range of amenities such as nap pods, a coffee bar, showers, a bike storage room and lockers, in addition to paying cyclists $12 for every day they commute.


The country’s fourth best city for jobs, San Diego is famous for its year-round sunshine, but it also offers lots of jobs in the IT industry, hospitality, and biotechnology. Jobs in cybersecurity are expected to grow by 13 percent over the next year with new positions such as chief information security officer being created by companies like Qualcomm and Illumina.

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